30 May 2016 Photo report about participation of Crystal LTD in 28th international exhibition "SVIAZ-2016"

28 March 2016 Crystal Company will participate in the international exhibition "Sviaz-2016", which will take place from 10 to 13 May 2016 in Expocentre Fairgrounds (Moscow).

11 March 2016 New type of Thermoelectric Assembly for domestic market from Crystal Ltd. In the thermoelectric cooler Peltier TA-DA-80-(24/12) heat is absorbed through contact with the aluminum cold plate and removed thru a heat sink to ambient air.

4 February 2016 In the New Year in new production building

21 December 2015 New models of thermoelectric cooling assemblies of HF series

6 November 2015 Crystal LTD has started production of a new, cascade series of thermoelectric assemblies and represent the first assembly in the series TA-AA-70-12(24)-CS. It has a compact size, a large temperature difference and a very low noise pressure.

16 October 2015 New Thermoelectric Cooler of air-to-air family from Crystal Ltd. TA-AA-200-48/24-HF is smallest in the HF series and has low sound pressure level. It’s a reliable way to protect against overheating of components in industrial,medical,telecom applications.

31 August 2015 New Outdoor Thermoelectric Cooler in the family of THERMOELECTRIC ASSEMBLIES of air-to-air series, made by Crystal Ltd. Thermoelectric Cooler TA-AA-400-48(24)-HF designed to protect electronics used in industrial, medical, and telecom applications.

28 July 2015 TA-AA-500-48-HF Thermoelectric cooling assembly for outdoor cabinet. The new innovative design of the Peltier cooler of series is an Air-to-Air. High cooling capacity. Low power consumption. High quality. Protection the unit from unauthorized access.

25 May 2015 Crystal Ltd. Scientific and engineering research for the development of highly efficient thermoelectric cooling modules, thermoelectric assemblies and climate systems, where the function of the heat pump makes the Peltier element

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