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The Company has in its product lines a full range of top-level quality thermoelectric modules and assemblies in a very wide range of characteristics. Nevertheless, for many new applications of thermal management using thermoelectricity often requires the development and production of customized solutions. Crystal Ltd. has more than twenty years of successful experience in customizing and new products development for a wide range of pioneer challenging applications. Please contact us for technical discussion

Thermoelectric Modules Thermoelectric Modules

Thermoelectric cooling modules (also called Peltier modules or thermoelectric coolers) are compact active solid state heat pumps that absorb heat on one side of the device and release heat on the other and can cool below ambient temperature. Crystal Ltd. produces a complete range of thermoelectric modules for various cooling capacities and ΔT, sizes, DC power ranges, operating temperature.

Thermoelectric Assemblies Thermoelectric Assemblies

Thermoelectric assemblies are ready-to-use units that integrate thermoelectric modules as heat pumps and heat exchange components to absorb heat from the facility and dissipate heat into the environment or vice versa. The large family of high efficiency thermoelectric assemblies of Crystal Ltd. with cooling capacities from 25 to 1000 Watts includes assemblies with various types of heat transfer, such as Air-to-Air, Direct-to-Air and Liquid-to-Air. Today, thermoelectric assemblies, due to their reliability, compactness and other advantages inherent for this cooling method, are essential for temperature control and sub-ambient cooling or heating in Lab & Med, Analytical, Industrial, Instrumentations, Telecom and other applications.

OUTDOOR Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Assemblies
OUTDOOR Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Assemblies
For indoor and harsh environment applications in industry and telecom Crystal Ltd. specially developed widest range thermoelectric assemblies with cooling capacity from 200 to 1000 Watts. Assemblies are represented in HF, HF-CHD and CP-series. Outdoor assemblies optimized for high performance and reliability, can be equipped with IP68 fans.
Temperature Controllers Temperature Controllers

To drive the thermoelectric assemblies, Crystal Ltd. offers specially designed controllers that provide the possibility of temperature regulation as for maintaining the temperature in the required temperature range, as for accurate PID control for liquid or contact systems. The controllers provide the ability of easy change of set-points, switching thermoelectric modules from cooling to heating, smart economical separated control of thermoelectric modules and heat exchangers fans depending on temperature.

AC-Thermoelectric Air Conditioners Thermoelectric Devices

AC-Thermoelectric Air Conditioners
Among its products, Crystal Ltd. recently developed a line of AC-thermoelectric air conditioners with input voltage of 100-240 VAC and a cooling capacity of 200 watts or more and continues to expand it. The air conditioners have all the advantages of Peltier assemblies from Crystal in combination with a built-in temperature controller with ON/OFF and PID modes, the ability to control and monitor via USB and Wi-Fi.
Thermoelectric Recirculating Liquid Chillers
Thermoelectric Recirculating Liquid Chillers
For precise temperature control in Lab & Med, Analytical, Lasers and Instrumentation applications Crystal Ltd. developed Thermoelectric Recirculating Liquid Chillers. Cooling and cooling / heating models available.
Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) Modules

TEG modules implement the Seebeck effect and generate DC electricity when there is a temperature difference between the sides of the thermoelectric module. Crystal Ltd. offer TEGs for medium and low temperature differences and temperatures up to 150°C for applications such as IoT, stand alone sensors, human body heat miniature generators, green energy harvesting and many others.

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