Crystal Ltd is manufacturer of high efficiency coolers Peltier, Thermoelectric Modules (TEM) and Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEA)


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Mission of Company

Our mission is to provide continuous development of research, mass production and advancement of competitive products for the purposes of:

  • Strengthen the reputation as a reliable and responsible supplier
  • Improve the well-being of every employee of our company
  • Achieve the greatest profit through maximum satisfaction of customers’ requirements
  • Protect the environment
  • Promote volunteer activity.


1997. Development the program of foundation of company. Improvement of original method of profiled crystal growing process and thermoelectric elements production technology. Joint patent with Panasonic Corporation to mass production technology of thermoelectric elements Peltier.

1998. Foundation of Crystal Ltd. Mass production of thermoelectric elements. Start of sales of thermoelectric elements in domestic market. Active improvement of thermoelectric materials' quality and reliability. Development of special antidiffusion layers for high temperature modules Peltier. Launch of processing line in Moscow.

1999. Successful R&D works on thermoelectric material properties improvement. Participation in international project on development of new thermoelectric products.

2000. Expansion of sales on foreign markets. Mass production of thermo elements for micro modules used in telecom industry. Successful supplies of products to the majority of countries with traditional thermoelectric industry.

2001. Mastering production technology of thermoelectric cooling modules.

2002. Start of sales of thermoelectric cooling modules in domestic market and international market.

2003. Winning of the Federal Tender for research & development of perspective high-tech products by Crystal Ltd. (in cooperation with leading institutes in material science).

2004. Launch of own Mass Production Plant for thermoelectric elements and modules in the Bogorodizk city, Tula Region.

2005. Mass production of thermoelectric elements with heightened efficiency.

2006. Development and serial production of high temperature barrier coatings of thermoelectric elements for power generating modules.

2007. R&D works on power generating materials based on Bi2Te3 solid solutions.

2008. First power generating material (elements) and module.

2009. Start of development of high-power thermoelectric conditioner.

2010. Start of mass production of miniature Peltier modules.

2011. Start of production of refrigeration units - thermoelectric assembly.

2012. Start of mass production of multistage Peltier modules.

2013. Start of production of thermoelectric air conditioner the driver's cab of the rail transport. Cooling capacity is not less 4.5 kW.

2014. Development of new thermoelectric assemblies for special applications.

2015. Thermoelectric assemblies of Air-to-Air series for outdoor application have been developed and launched into mass production.

2016. Start of production of products for cooling food and beverages.

2017. Thermoelectric recirculation chiller developed.

2018. Company has been certified to compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard in apply to the development, production and sale of thermoelectric products.

2019. Development of special high-performance Peltier modules and launch into production of thermoelectric assemblies of COPMAX series based on them.

2020. The company has operated in the COVID-2019 pandemic without interruptions, prioritizing employee safety, increasing the manufacturing of products for equipment used in COVID-2019 diagnostics, and fulfilling customer orders on time. The development of new products continued.

Thermoelectric chillerThermoelectric assembly for outdoor application

2021. Prototypes of thermoelectric devices have been developed and produced, which operate from the 115 - 230V AC power supply and do not need auxiliary devices: controller, DC power supply, etc.

Thermoelectric deviceAir Conditioner TAC-AC-900


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