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Thermoelectric assemblies

Crystal Ltd. is private company focused on mass production and R&D of high-grade thermoelectric materials, Peltier Modules, Thermoelectric Assemblies and Systems for Industrial and Special Applications. Our production is manufacturing on Bismuth Telluride semiconductor materials n- and p-type grown in-house by original patented technology and has multilayer vacuum film coatings. We use this method for mass production. An improved way of electro-erosive cutting technology is used to cut plates of thermoelectric material into elements with high accuracy of geometric dimensions and high quality of the surface after cutting. The uniqueness of our technology is protected by numerous patents

Our mission is to provide continuous development of research, mass production and advancement of competitive products for the purposes of:
- Strengthen the reputation as a reliable and responsible supplier
- Improve the well-being of every employee of our company
- Achieve the greatest profit through maximum satisfaction of customers’ requirements
- Protect the environment
- Promote volunteer activity.

Our Company provides full cycle of creation of innovative cooling products from the study of customer application and development of thermoelectric materials to manufacture of final units. Strategic of sales strongly focuses for industrial applications and technical support. Today we offer many kinds of thermoelectric devices including:

Thermoelectric Cooler AssemblyThermoelectric Assembly The advantage of partnership with our company is research-and-development and engineering support for complex solutions in the field of thermoelectric cooling and development of Thermal Control Systems on the basis of thermoelectric modules Peltier (TEMs). In our thermoelectric assemblies we use Peltier modules with high efficiency, reliability and produced by Crystal Company only.

thermoelectric chiller Crystal Ltd. since 1998 has a reputation of reliable supplier of thermoelectric products. We have bid experience in International sales and have been supplying our products throughout Europe, Asia, North America, Near East et cetera.

Thermoelectric devices of Crystal became popular because of their high figure of merit, high durability and attractive price.

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