Deep cooling in a small form factor of modern thermoelectric assemblies

15.01.2020  Every year, the marketing department of Crystal Company is analyzing the international market of semiconductor cooling devices. We see new medical and laboratory equipment using Peltier coolers produced by Crystal. High performance and longtime life properties thermoelectric coolers / heaters is an undeniable advantage when choosing our products by the world's leading manufacturers.
Some of the most well-known biomedical and analytical applications in which our Peltier coolers are used are:
  • centrifuges
  • liquid thermostats 
  • incubators 
  • refrigerators and chambers for storage of biological materials, medicines and reagents
  • PCR cyclers
  • equipment for cryoelectrophoresis
  • wide range of other medical applications where Peltier is used as part of modern medical equipment for cooling / thermal stabilization of biomaterials, electronics, laser systems, light source
The new design of cascade series of thermoelectric assemblies from Crystal Company is designed for use primarily in laboratory equipment.
Thermoelectric assembly

Thermoelectric assembly Air-to-Air TA-AA-220-24-CS
Thermoelectric assembly Direct-to-Air TA-DA-220-24-CS

These assemblies allow to achieve high speeds of air cooling inside a heat-insulated chamber or deep cooling on the surface of the cooled Board of small objects, such as thin sections of biological tissues.
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