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Imagination of designers and restaurateurs have no borders. Sometimes design request for restaurants, cafes or as an original gift includes a small chilled chamber or a cooled surface or a cooled container. Why not? Such wishes are a good challenge for the team of young engineers and designers of the Crystal Ltd

It is often difficult to realize the idea of the customer, the original product of which must combine a compact heat pump, power supply, controller, the functions of reliable protection against overheating, electric shock, sanitary requirements, fire safety and a long service life. When such a project has a positive ending, it becomes not only a good material incentive, but also a great moral satisfaction.

Here are some examples of such works. Compact wine coolers for true connoisseurs of this beverage. Slow, noiseless cooling without vibration to the target temperature in the range + 3⁰С ÷ + 17⁰С will help to reveal the fullness of the bouquet of taste. Storage at a given temperature with an accuracy of ± 0.1⁰С for an unlimited period of time.

Thermoelectric wine cooler Thermoelectric wine cooler for two bottles Thermoelectric wine cooler in box Thermoelectric cooler in wooden box Wine cooler wooden box

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