Industrial applications of Thermoelectric (Peltier) Modules and Assemblies


The transformation of modern industrial equipment is greatly influenced by the deployment of the 4.0 industry with such components as big data, IIoT, 3D printing, autonomous robotics, machine vision systems, etc. All this generates a continuous increase in the demand for temperature control and cooling of individual components, units or systems. These include lasers, PLCs and CPUs, matrix detectors, electronic components and many others. New products and applications are born every day that require local cooling and thermal management.

Numerous solutions based on innovative Peltier solid-state heat pumps provide the capability to remove from several watts up to a thousand watts of heat, while the temperature difference between the ambient air and the cooled object can reach a few tens of degrees. The widespread use of thermoelectric coolers is explained by the combination of inherent advantages such as compactness, easy scalability, high reliability and minimal maintenance, easy temperature control and ability to use one device for both cooling and heating in a wide temperature range, independence from orientation in space, the ability of reliable operation in conditions of vibration and radiation, environmental safety and absence of working liquids and gases.

Based on more than twenty years of experience in development and production, Crystal Ltd. offers the wide range of Thermoelectric Modules and Thermoelectric Assemblies for cooling and thermal control in applications where heat absorption is required from fractions of a watt to about one thousand watts and the temperature difference reaches in some cases 70°C and more.

Some examples of Industrial applications of serial products of Crystal Ltd.:

Medium Size Thermoelectric Modules

Medium Size «Standard» Thermoelectric Modules, S, C, R-series

Industrial printers, lasers, electronics

High Power Density Thermomodules

HPDM, High Power Density Modules

Semiconductors and microelectronics manufacturing, technological "cold" plates with precise temperature control, lasers

High Temperature Thermoelectric Modules

High Temperature Thermoelectric Modules

High Temperature Thermoelectric Modules, H, CH, DH -series

Semiconductors, equipment for electronics components testing, lasers, electronics

Outdoor Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Assemblies

Outdoor Air-to-Air Assemblies (HF-series)

Temperature control in electronics cabinets, PLC/CPU, backup batteries in outdoor, remote and harsh environment applications (Industrial Networks, Energy, Gas & Oil, Metallurgy, Mining)

Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Assemblies

Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Assemblies

Air-to-Air Assemblies

Temperature control in electronics cabinets, PLC/CPU, backup batteries (high-performance metalworking machines, technological lines), Electronics testing equipment

Thermoelectric Direct-to-Air Assemblies

Direct-to-Air Assemblies


Thermoelectric Liquid Chillers

Thermoelectric Liquid Chillers


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