Thermoelectric dehumidifier of flow type from Crystal. Ltd

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Variety of possible instrument designs with thermoelectric cooling or heating motivates a close-knit team of creative people to study the application of our product deeper and offer the customer more universal solutions. A compact heat exchanger cooled by thermoelectric modules has been developed for operational monitoring and control of chemical processes. Application as part of equipment for the analysis of vapors of petroleum distillates or gas drying for structural analysis and adjustment. An additional heat-insulating shell, the possibility of using thermoelectric modules from our large list and a method of transferring heat from the hot side by air or liquid. We have many solutions to achieve the required power, control and control of critical parameters, such as icing cooled surfaces during gas drying or maintaining the required temperature for milk flow analysis or drying of the air for gas anesthesia.

Vladimir Ponomarev

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