New development of thermoelectric assembly Air-to-Air series


Which thermal parameter is more important for a heat pump, maximum cooling capacity or cooling capacity at the operating point? We recently developed a new thermoelectric assembly for a customer. It was difficult to achieve a maximum cooling capacity of 125W at the point where the temperature difference is 0 K. with such small overall dimensions. But the more interesting was the task for our development team. Super-efficient semiconductor thermoelectric + extensive experience in the development of heat pumps and we have a new compact cooler and heater in a single device TA-AA-130-24-СAF.

When we proposed to the customer to increase the cooling capacity by 20W and increase the COP by increasing the width of the external heatsink by 40mm, he asked to show an increase in cooling capacity at the operating point, where dT 25 K. This increase was much less than 10% and the customer did not agree to the change. The developed thermoelectric assembly remained in the same dimensions and was designed for use in panel-type cabinets with a depth 110 mm or more. The external fans IP 68 are integrated into the heatsink and the entire unit can be placed in a recess so that it does not protrude beyond the case. We hope that the developers of kiosks, compact confectionery displays and telecom cabinets on antenna towers will find application for a new thermoelectric assembly from Crystal Company.

New Thermoelectric Assembly

Aleksandr Koriakin

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