The new design of assemblies a Liquid-to-Air



Thermoelectric assembly «Liquid-to-Air» is a solid state heat pump, which takes heat from the circulating fluid, transfers it by using the Peltier effect at the heatsink and dissipates in the ambient air. Reverse polarity direct current can change the cooling mode to the heating mode of the liquid.  Latest digital controllers, manage the process of heating and cooling, heat stabilized allow the circulating fluid to within 0,1 ° C.

R & D department of Crystal. Ltd improves unique, patented production techniques of Peltier elements. The use of nano-structured thermoelectric semiconductor material for cooling modules allowed developing and producing a liquid-to-air assembly of high performance properties.

The competitive advantage of this innovative cooler are:

-  small size

-  low noise fan

-  high value of COP

-  simple installation to the chassis, connect to the power source and the fluid circuit

-  possibility of cooling corrosive fluids and oils with low dynamic viscosity.

High performance characteristics these thermoelectric coolers make its use more profitable instead of bulky and heavy heat exchanger.

Typically thermoelectric assembly fluid - air is used when coolant has a temperature greater than ambient temperature.

For maintain the temperature in the circuit below the ambient temperature recommended to add to the design of the insulation for liquid heat exchanger.

Thermoelectric cooler Liquid to Air may be used for cooling and thermal stabilization fluid of cooling circuits:

-  systems for medical devices

-  optic- lazer systems

-  measurement equipment

-  analytical instrument

-  high-frequency semiconductor generator

More technical information about the assembly of TA-LA-100-24.

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