Thermoelectric cooling assemblies for medical equipment and laser systems


Thermoelectric assemblies TA-LA-150-24/48

One of the fastest growing segments of the Russian economy is the instrument making. The Russian government stimulates domestic developers and manufacturers of medical equipment, laser systems, high-precision measuring instruments, analytical equipment, etc. Crystal Ltd expands the range of thermoelectric assemblies such as contact-air TA-SA and contact - liquid TA-SL.

Advanced design of our units which combines compact size and high performance are recognized the world's leading manufacturers of innovation equipment.

Highest operating parameters of these devices are provided, first of all, the world's best cooling performance of thermoelectric Peltier modules that are producing at Crystal plant ". Regular work of R&D department to improve TEC, highly productive aluminum heatsinks, as well as liquid heat exchangers own production of aluminum or copper, allow us to introduce to the market premium products highly reliable miniature heat pumps.

te-sb-141222-1.jpg te-sb-141222-2.jpg

Technologies developed in the company in lately, allow to connect thermoelectric module with heatsink without using conductive grease, which have usually the coefficient of thermal conductivity of not more than 5 W / mK.

Thus, the thermoelectric assembly of Crystal Ltd of type contact-to-air TA-SA and contact-to-liquid TA-SL. capable of sinking up to 1,25Watt heat from 1sm² and get the temperature difference between ambient air and the contact area up to 100 °C.

Ease of connection with the object being of cooling, fast connection to the power supply via a spring-loaded block and to the liquid circuit through Push-in fittings makes our thermoelectric assembly convenient for installation and service during operation.

Thermoelectric assemblies TA-LA-150-24/48


  • Maximum cooling capacity  150 Watt
  • Maximum dT                        57 °C.
  • Noise level                           43dB (A)
  • Weight                                  2 kg.
  • DC voltage                           24 or 48 volts.

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