TA-AA-500-48-HF Thermoelectric cooling assembly for outdoor cabinet. The new innovative design of the Peltier cooler of series is an Air-to-Air. High cooling capacity. Low power consumption. High quality. Protection the unit from unauthorized access.


Outdoor thermoelectric assembly (Peltier cooler) for industrial application.

R & D division of Crystal Company located in Moscow, Russia, presents a new thermoelectric assembly for outdoor application. This Peltier cooler is characterized by high performance, viability and high COP.

outdoor thermoelectric assembly

Thermoelectric flange assembly based on Peltier elements for outdoor cabinets TA-AA-500-48-HF

Producer: Crystal Ltd.

Since 2003 the Russian company Crystal Ltd. develops, manufactures and supplies a Peltier thermoelectric cooler to the regions of the world: Europe, North America, Asia and others . High performance of Peltier elements produced by Crystal Ltd. stipulate the use of our products primarily in the industrial and special applications.

The joint patent with the company «Matsushita Electric Works LTD» received in 1998 confirms the uniqueness of our technology of production of Peltier elements. Today we maintain this and many other patents in such countries as: Germany, Japan, Taiwan, US, China and Russia.

Market analysis of thermoelectric devices shows that the air-to-air assemblies occupy the leading positions in the industrial application of thermoelectric assemblies. Thermoelectric assemblies are based on solid-state coolers (Peltier) and combine two functions: cooling and heating. Successful, long-term use in many countries such a compact, quick-response, liquid-free conditioners did not go unnoticed by the Russian manufacturers of telecommunications equipment and cabinets for mounting the electronic devices and components. Great experience of the development and construction of thermoelectric assemblies the team of Crystal Ltd. has implemented in a new type of equipment - the thermoelectric climate system on a flanged connection. That is a conditioning assembly of vertical or horizontal type which can be mounted on a door or to wall of outdoor cabinet. This type of equipment has anti-vandal protection and does not require installation of additional devices against unauthorized access. As an option the customer can order the production of a door with a thermoelectric assembly mounted in it. As a supplement the DC power source also can be mounted to the inner side and the controller SV2- for controlling the Peltier conditioner. The installation of such climate control systems does not require special skills and specific equipment. Innovative semiconductor coolers of the new design developed and designed in Crystal Ltd. can be successfully used for reconstruction of communication networks and modernization of equipment and for installation in new cabinets.

  • the range of current to 10A (± 5%), an operating voltage in the range of 44-56V, cooling capacity: 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W.
  • the range of current to 20A (± 5%), an operating voltage in the range of 22-27V, cooling capacity: 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W.
  • the range of current to 20A (± 5%), an operating voltage in the range of 44-56V, cooling capacity: 700W, 800W, 900W, 1000W, 1200W.
  • the range of current to 40A (± 5%), an operating voltage in the range of 22-27V, cooling capacity: 700W, 800W, 900W, 1000W, 1200W.

Some of the technical advantages of thermoelectric Peltier assembly on flanged connection for outdoor cabinets:

thermoelectric modules

Using Peltier modules, only our own production, with high performance and resource. Thermoelectric modules have been designed specifically for this type of assembly.

The protective shroud is made of steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm (for additional customer request can be made of steel or aluminum 2mm thick up to 3mm).

protective shroud

Protection from exposure of atmospheric corrosion provided by dip galvanizing (Steel) and powder painting.

The protective shroud performs several functions:

  1. It splits the flows of incoming "cold" air and coming out "hot" air without reducing cooling capacity.
  2. It functions as an additional heat exchanger being connected with the external heatsink.
  3. It protects the conditioner from unauthorized access.
  4. It presses the flange to the cabinet wall ensuring impermeability of the installation.
  5. It closes the installation window, thereby maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the equipment.

All necessary fastening and protective elements are available in the package of thermoelectric assembly. In the operating instruction one can find a detailed description of installation and connection. If you still have questions, the specialists of Crystal Ltd. are always ready to help.

Please note:
Crystal Ltd. has started the patenting procedure of this thermoelectric assembly.

For the air-to-air thermoelectric assemblies producing by Crystal Ltd. there are protective shrouds for the outdoor side starting from the assembly of the cooling capacity 70W (the picture below).

air-to-air thermoelectric assembly

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