New Thermoelectric Cooler of air-to-air family from Crystal Ltd. TA-AA-200-48/24-HF is smallest in the HF series and has low sound pressure level. It’s a reliable way to protect against overheating of components in industrial,medical,telecom applications.


New thermoelectric assembly Air-to-air series from Crystal сompany.

Crystal is a company that has years of experience of the production the reliable Peltier elements and thermoelectric cooling assemblies.

Today we added to our family of thermoelectric assemblies Series Air-to-Air new unit TA-AA-200-48(24)-HF.

Thermoelectric flange assembly based on Peltier elements

Thermoelectric flange assembly based on Peltier elements for outdoor cabinets TA-AA-200-48-HF

Producer: Crystal Ltd.

Thermoelectric assembly TA-AA-200-48(24)-HF is a reliable way to protect against overheating of electronic components located in the enclosed space of the cabinet. The innovative design combines the following advantages:

  • Low current consumption and high cooling capacity COP=1.05
  • Sound pressure level 55dB(A)
  • Small overall size. Mounting depth inside the cabinet is not more than 65mm, wall thickness of 15mm
  • Ease of installation and connection
  • Input power accommodates a nominal/float voltage of 24/28 or 48/54 VDC
  • Cooling and heating in the same unit
  • Environmentally friendly solid state heat exchange operation with no CFC refrigerants.

Thermoelectric assembly TA-AA-200-48(24)-HF can be used for upgrading of existing outdoor equipment and it can be used in the area of permanent presence of the person. For this the TA-AA-200-48(24)-HF comes with multi-functional protective shroud.

On the platform of the thermoelectric assembly TA-AA-200-48(24)-HF produced more powerful assembly TA-AA-250-48(24)-HF.

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