Crystal LTD has started production of a new, cascade series of thermoelectric assemblies and represent the first assembly in the series TA-AA-70-12(24)-CS. It has a compact size, a large temperature difference and a very low noise pressure.


New cascade thermoelectric assemblies in Air-to-air series from Crystal сompany.

Crystal LTD is a leader in the development, production and promotion on the world market reliable Peltier elements and thermoelectric cooling assemblies on their basis.

Today we have added to our family of thermoelectric assemblies series Air-to-Air new unit TA-AA-70-12(24)-CS configured to multistage modules.

New cascade thermoelectric assemblies

Thermoelectric cascade assembly TA-AA-70-12-CS based on multistage Peltier modules. Producer: Crystal Ltd.

Cascade thermoelectric assembly TA-AA-70-12(24)-CS is developed using special multi-stage modules to achieve a high difference in temperature, which in practice allows to increase the cooling capacity at cold temperatures up to 40%. TA-AA-70-12(24)-CS has a low sound pressure 39 dB (A) and can be used, for example in the medical and household equipment, located in the working area of personnel.

Soon we plan to expansion of lineup of cascade assemblies.

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