Development of a prototype of a thermoelectric cooling Air-To-Air Assembly with increased cooling capacity based on the Peltier module with a reduced thermal resistance of heat transmission in the course of State Contract.


As a result of carried out R&D Crystal Ltd developed and represents in the market a new TA-AA-500-48 assembly on the basis of thermoelectric (Peltier) modules. The developed assembly has considerably reduced weight and overall dimensions (by 15%) and cost of production compared with earlier produced assemblies. Obtained high characteristics were achieved as results of improving of n-type material thermoelectric properties through the use of new conditions of Bridgman method crystallization, by optimization of design of Peltier modules elements and the Air-To-Air thermoelectric assembly. 

The results are also were used by the Company for the development of renewed assembly model TA-AA-600-48 with enhanced parameters.

Crystal ltd expresses appreciation to "Fund Assistance of Innovations" for support and participation in financing of the development of thermoelectric assembly TA-AA-500-48 with high performance.

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