Crystal. Ltd fulfills continuous development of research and mass production of competitive products, Peltier modules and thermoelectric assemblies, for accomplishment of volunteer activity


Crystal Ltd is innovative company

Currently provides a full range of services in thermoelectricity from development of a semiconductor material (bismuth telluride), its manufacture in the form of dices of the N and P type, production Peltier modules and thermoelectric assemblies based on them. The final step of this cycle is the advancement and sales of thermoelectric devices. International sales with big experiences throughout Europe, Asia, US and domestic market. Strategic of sales strongly focuses for industrial applications and technical support.

Our mission

Continuous development of research, mass production and advancement of competitive products for the purposes of:
- Strengthening the reputation of a reliable and responsible supplier;
- Increment the well-being of every employee of company;
- Attainment the greatest profit through maximum satisfaction of customers' requirements;
- Improvement the ecology;
- Accomplishment of volunteer activity.

Another event of our volunteer activity during 2017

The company Crystal acquired and installed an electronic scoreboard for the children's sports school of Bogoroditsk city in the Tula region.

The volunteer activityThe volunteer activityThe volunteer activityThe volunteer activityThe volunteer activityThe volunteer activity

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