Crystal Ltd. provides full cycle of creation of innovative products - Peltier modules and thermoelectric assemblies. Thermoelectric modules with aluminum nitride ceramics are result of research and development of competitive products


Thermoelectric modules with aluminum nitride ceramics

Crystal Ltd. is private company focused on mass production and R&D of high-grade thermoelectric materials, Peltier Modules, Assemblies and Systems for Industrial and Special Applications.

The Company provides full cycle of creation of innovative products from the studying customer application and development of thermoelectric materials to manufacture of final units and technical support.

Our mission is

Continuous development of research, mass production and advancement of competitive products for the purposes of:

  • Strengthening the reputation of a reliable and responsible supplier;
  • Increment the well-being of every employee of company;
  • Attainment the greatest profit through maximum satisfaction of customer requirements;
  • Improvement the ecology;
  • Accomplishment of volunteer activity.

One of the R & D directions in 2017 was development of Peltier modules family with aluminum nitride ceramics.

Conventional thermoelectric module includes ceramic substrates made of alumina Al2O3 with purity 96% and thermal conductivity ~25 W•m-1•K-1. Such solution is good enough for very wide range of thermoelectric modules in very wide range of applications. The problem arises when operating point of thermoelectric module needs to have big value of cooling capacity ~100+ Watts and in deep cooling, when big values of cooling capacity ~ several tens of Watts at quite big temperature difference ~several tens of degrees are required. Such applications are very special: testing equipment, measuring system. There is big value of parasitic temperature drop on ceramics in both cases, in multistage thermoelectric modules especially: ~2 ˚C per alumina substrate with typical footprint 40x40 mm2, 0.8 mm thickness and 100 Watts of thermal flux pass through substrate. Material with much greater thermal conductivity is required to use to decrease parasitic temperature drop on ceramics in thermoelectric modules. One of such materials is aluminum nitride ceramic (AlN). This material is a non-toxic alternative to beryllium oxide. AlN use in thermoelectric modules for special applications is very reasonable.  

Crystal Ltd. developed thermoelectric modules based on aluminum nitride ceramic substrates with thermal conductivity > 160 W•m-1•K-1. Thus parasitic temperature drop is more than 5 times lower per substrates. We developed high power density single stage modules with AlN substrates and high cooling capacity 2-stage modules with Qmax ~120 W and dTmax > 100 ˚C with AlN ceramics.  

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For example:
TEM 2-271-20216-10-L2 AlN
TEM D-097-216-09-L2 AlN
TEM D-199-15-07-L2 AlN

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