Thermoelectric conditioner – Thermoelectric indoor assembly TА-АА-250-AC


Thermoelectric conditioner – Thermoelectric indoor assembly TА-АА-250-AC

Thermal management is one of the fastest growing segments of the world economy. Expert estimation makes 7.91% of the average annual growth in the period from 2017 year to 2022 year. In absolute terms, the annual market volume in 2022 year will reach 14.22 billion USD from 8.99 billion USD in 2016 year.

A large amount of energy consumed by electrical and electronic systems is converted into heat. Miniaturization of electronic devices, denser packaging of components increases heat flux densities.

The barest necessity for intensive heat removal from a limited volume is the basis for the operation of electronic equipment in a regular, trouble-free mode.

The innovative method of heat removal is based on the use of solid-state, semiconductor heat pumps - Peltier.

Crystal. Ltd more than 20 years develops and mass produces Peltier modules and many design of thermoelectric coolers based on them. 

Our mission is to provide continuous development of research, mass production and advancement of competitive products for the purposes of:

-   Strengthen the reputation as a reliable and responsible supplier

-   Improve the well-being of every employee of our company

-   Achieve the greatest profit through maximum satisfaction of customers’ requirements

-   Protect the environment

-   Promote volunteer activity 

Big experience of thermal management based on thermoelectricity, and constant study of innovations in related fields impel the company's engineering team to offer modern, reliable, compact heat elimination systems. The main goal of the research is the development, production, advancement and technical support of innovative thermoelectric coolers. The function of thermal stabilization or cooling below ambient temperature in such devices should be combined with ease of installation, connection to an accessible power source and user-friendly control and monitoring. The sample of development of innovative thermoelectric cooler is a new packaged air-conditioner TA-AA-250-AC.

Technical features
Compact dimensions* 400х180х215 mm
Weight* 9 kg
Ecological not use harmful refrigerant chemicals
Free orientation in the space have the capability of installation on horizontal and vertical surfaces
The possibility of mounting on the wall type "sandwich" wall thickness up to 25 mm
AC power supply 230V (50-60Hz)
Max Wt. of consumption 330 W
Min Wt. of consumption 8 W
Max cooling capacity 257 W at dT=0
LCD display of temperature controller 11-segment displays used for PV (measured value temperature) and SV (setting value temperature)
Control method On/Off control, P, PI, PD, PID control
Hysteresis 0.1 – 999 C
Sampling period 50 ms.
Internal "intelligence" of the outdoor fan Smooth adjustment of the speed from 4000 rpm to 0 rpm by PID control mode
Sound pressure level max. 63,0 dB(A) distance 1m
Sound pressure level min. 23,0 dB(A) distance 1m 
Communication output USB ** Yes. RS485 (Modbus RTU method) 1.2 km
Communication output Wi-Fi ** Yes. 100 m 
Availability of a comprehensive device management program DAQ Master
Operation system Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Localization of the controller ** Inside or outside
Localization of the 230 VACD cable connection point ** Inside or outside
Localization of the USB connector of the RS 485 connection ** Inside or outside
Localization of the On / Off button ** Inside or outside
Localization of the RS 485 / Wi-Fi toggle ** Inside or outside

* without protective shroud
** optional feature 

Thermoelectric conditioner – Thermoelectric indoor assembly TА-АА-250-AC

The use of this air conditioner can be very varied. The most promising of applications are:
  • Cabinets with process control systems
  • Server cabinets
  • Cabinets with electronic or electrical systems
  • Vending machines selling food, beverages and flowers
  • Beverage dispensers
  • Storage chamber with cooled cells
  • Cooling of medical narcotics storage safe
  • Temperature-stabilized chambers for the cultivation of biological substances
  • Controlled environment chamber

Attention   Crystal. Ltd has start the procedure of patenting the design of this device

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