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The innovative method of heat transfer, extensively used in the world, is based on the solid-state, semiconductor heat pumps — Peltier modules.

A large amount of energy consumed by electrical and electronic systems is largely converted into heat, which in turn negatively affects the performance. The miniaturization of electronic devices, more dense packing of components increases the heat generation. Effective heat removal from a limited volume is necessary for high-quality, reliable operation of the equipment.

Thermoelectric coolers are extensively used for cooling or thermal stabilization with high accuracy. They have a number of distinctive advantages.

  • Compact size and light weight
  • Potential to operation in mode "cooling" and "heating"
  • Any orientation in space
  • Easy installation and electrical connection
  • Operating voltage of 5 VDC to 57 VDC (in various assemblies)
  • Very low thermal inertia
  • Do not support combustion and solvent-resistant Thermal Insulation Materials are using
  • Capability to operate in energy-saving heat transfer mode without energy consumption by Peltier. (ECO mode)

A very important advantage of thermoelectric coolers is their environmental friendliness.

Environmentally friendly, solid-state heat exchange on the Peltier effect, which does not use refrigerants that destroy the ozone layer and CFC, as well as toxic and combustible hydrocarbon refrigerants, such as isobutane (R-600a) and propane (R-290) corresponds to the implementation of one of the most important points of the mission of Crystal company:

The provide continuous development of research, mass production and advancement of competitive products for the purposes of protect the environment.

Along with the obvious advantages, thermoelectric coolers have a disadvantage compared with compression (gas) air conditioners. The ratio of cooling capacity to consumed electric power (COP) is lower in thermoelectric assembly than in compression air conditioners. So, to cool the same volume under equal conditions, a compression conditioner needs to consume less electricity than an air conditioner on Peltier modules. Solving the problem of increasing COP has been one of the main priorities in research and development for the Crystal technical team over the past 8 years. The result of this work was the launch of the production of a new series of thermoelectric coolers from the company Crystal called COPMAX.

Distinctive features of the coolers made in this series:

- the use of high-performance semiconductor material - bismuth telluride, having in the structure of nano and submicron particles,
- the design, thought over to trifles, and a combination of active and passive components which allow to carry out heat with smaller energy consumption,
- use only the best components and components.

The introduction of these innovations into production allowed the Crystal Company to start the production of thermoelectric assemblies (coolers), the COP of which almost reaches the value of 1.

The first assembly of the COPMAX series belongs to the Air-to-Air class. Designed for cooling and heating telecommunications equipment, the TA-AA-200-48-N+1 COPMAX and TA-AA-200-24-N+1 COPMAX assemblies can be supplied with outdoor circuit fans with IP 68 protection, condensate drain system and protective outside housing to avoid unauthorized exposure and damage, as well as implement the scheme N + 1 for outside fans. This scheme can significantly reduce the likelihood of overheating and shutting down the assembly if one of the hot-side fans breaks, which operate in a parallel power supply circuit.

Thus, one compact device performs several important functions:

  1. Cooling is active.
  2. Cooling in Free cooling mode (Eco mode).
  3. Heating active.
  4. Dehumidify the air inside the cabinet.

Developing the nomenclature in the COPMAX series, our company plans to produce not only Air-to-Air assemblies, but also Direct-to-Air assemblies. Both types of compact coolers can be used for:

  • Thermostat ting biological samples and analyzes,
  • Cooling of medical diagnostic and analytical equipment,
  • Thermal stabilization of power electronics devices,
  • Storage of samples and reagents in medical analytical equipment.
  • Cooling and dehumidification of the internal volume of electrical cabinets and mini servers.

You can learn about our new developments and products by visiting the website of the Crystal company https://crystalltherm.com.

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