Peltier air conditioning in explosion-proof design


Digitalization of the economy expects the further development of data networks in many areas of human activity. We see how quickly the infrastructure of mobile telecommunications networks is developing. Into big cities are developing road infrastructure that implements wireless technologies for the development of autonomous car. The increase in the speed of movement of such transport is directly related to the increase in the speed of information transfer and the decrease in the time of response to a request. These factors are directly related to the protection of human life and health.  Almost imperceptible to the layman, but not less important is the development of so-called industrial data networks. The development of robotic production, petroleum refining, chemical production and so on in combination with the development of automation of production processes allows to minimize the participation of the person.  Data networks in these applications follow the architecture of telecommunication networks and have the so-called point of collection, processing and storage of information. The classic model of this point is a Cabinet, which houses the server, controller, backup power, etc. Maintenance a certain temperature range inside the Cabinet effects the trouble-free operation of the equipment inside. The Cabinet can be located inside or outside the room, as well as located in an area with special environmental conditions. Often in special, industrial networks such as cabins are placed in areas with high explosion risk. In these cases, the requirements for equipment and cabins are completed by the need for explosion-proof performance.

Today we want to show examples of coolers Peltier, Crystal Ltd developed for cooling electronic cabinets located in areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere.

1. Thermoelectric assembly Direct-to-Air on the natural convection heat transferring. The design of such an air conditioner assumes the absence of any source of sparking from the outside and a full two-level sealing of Peltier modules located inside the air conditioner.

Thermoelectric assemblyThermoelectric assemblies

This air conditioner has undeniable advantages:

  • absolute silence;
  • guaranteed explosion safety when working in a gas environment.

However, it also has such disadvantages as

  • a certain location in the space during installation;
  • an increase of 6 times the weight and size compared to the classical design of the Thermoelectric Assembly and similar of cooling capacity 120W.

Thermoelectric assemblyThermoelectric assemblies

2. Peltier air conditioning, where the external fans can have explosion-proof performance.  An example of such a ceiling-mounted air conditioner appeared in the family outdoor assemblies.

However, it should be noted that this air conditioner should have a complete tightness in the place of installation in the Cabinet, which can be achieved at the stage of completing the Cabinet. This reason that we cannot independently certify the air conditioner as explosion-proof equipment and offer only additional options for the possibility of compliance with the requirements for explosion safety:

  • the use of explosion-proof fans on the outside;
  • laying of electricity cables of outside fans to the outside through the radiators to the inside of the Cabinet through the sealed coupling;
  • additional rubber gasket for mounting flange in the Cabinet window.

Thermoelectric assembly Thermoelectric assemblies



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