Outdoor thermoelectric climatic systems


Crystal Ltd developing the production of outdoor thermoelectric assemblies for cooling cabinet and shelter provides the customer with the best in quality and the most complete products. The Peltier climate systems of the HF series do not require additional costs for the manufacture of a protective casing, and the casing itself is a thoughtful, functional element.

A complete technological cycle, from the synthesis of semiconductor material for Peltier modules to the assembly of ended system, allows us to control all production steps and guarantee our customers excellent performance and a long operating life.

The following advantages of thermoelectric outdoor assemblies from Crystal Company:

- very high of specific value of cooling capacity per unit weight = 22W / kg for a system protected from mechanical and atmospheric exposure,

- very low power consumption 1W of power per 1W cooling.

- no need for often service and visual inspection,

there are reason for choosing of systems with a cooling capacity of 200 and 300W as a climatic system for cabinets located on masts or walls.

One or two assemblies can be controlled by a smart controller from the company Crystal.


Aleksandr Koriakin

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