Development of chillers with a cooling capacity of 750 W and 1500 W


The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the lives of many people. Additional security measures for the staff of Crystal Ltd. reduced the speed of new product development. With some delay, our R&D department is developing new recirculating chillers with a cooling capacity of 750 W and 1500 W. Recently, we have finished testing new thermoelectric assemblies of the Liquid-to-Air family. These assemblies will be used in new chillers from Crystal Ltd. The best Peltier modules and the innovative thinking of our design team allowed us to create a unit with a cooling capacity of 800 W for dT=0 K and weight of 17.5 kg.

thermoelectric cooling assembly

Additional properties that we plan to introduce in the new chillers:

  • circulation pump with magnetic coupling, which eliminates the problems of sealing the pump shaft
  • adjustment of pressure and flow at the liquid outlet
  • led indication of the liquid level in the tank on the front panel
  • increased the volume of the liquid tank.

Aleksandr Koriakin

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