New family of outdoor air conditioners of the HF series - thermoelectric assemblies of the HF-CHD type


The development of applications of digital intelligence and wireless technologies causes an increase in the number of self-service terminals, vending machines, kiosks, payment terminals, etc. Today, the location of such equipment on the street is a common thing in life. The localization of electronic components and backup power inside the outdoor cabinets requires the manufacturer to protect them not only from unauthorized entry, but also to protect them from negative ambient environmental. The main THREE FACTORS of negative impact MOISTURE, HEAT and COLD can be excluded with ONE DEVICE - a thermoelectric air conditioner (thermoelectric assembly on Peltier modules).

Another important application of high-precision heat stabilizer on Peltier elements is compact medical cabinets with constant climatic conditions and CO2 incubators for growing biological cultures in laboratory conditions.

Correct thermal chamber design is very important for the reliable and economical operation of the thermoelectric cooler / heater / dehumidifier as a climate control system. The simple and inexpensive way to increase the overall thermal resistance of a chamber is to increase the thickness of the insulation of wall.

Crystal ltd. Company has developed and launched into production a new type of thermoelectric assemblies for outdoor use "HF series".

Thermoelectric Assembly

The new design of thermoelectric assemblies from our R&D department will complement the advantages of assemblies of the HF-CHD series, distinctive feature below:

- the possibility of installation of a thermoelectric assembly into a cabinet (shelter) with a wall thickness of 1 mm to 80 mm. When ordering, you must select one of four indices X, corresponding to the following ranges of wall thickness at the installation area:

Х           - 1 mm ÷ 20 mm

ХХ        - 21 mm ÷ 40 mm

ХХХ      - 41 mm ÷ 60 mm

ХХХХ    - 61 mm ÷ 80 mm

Thermoelectric Assembly

- the telescopic air ducts ensure a tight fit of the internal heat exchanger panel to the cabinet wall.

Thermoelectric Assembly

- removal of moisture condensing on a cold heat exchanger without additional modifications to the cabinet and without making additional holes in the housing.

Thermoelectric Assembly

- installation from the outside.

- easy replacement of external and internal fans

The HF series assembly designation has an additional abbreviation CHD and a wall thickness index. Example: TA-AA-300-24-HF-CHD-XX. Please note that this thermoelectric assembly has a spatial orientation and is intended for installation on a vertical wall. Further upgrades to HF-CHD series assemblies will include placing a temperature controller, thermostats or thermostats + hygrostat, under

Thermoelectric Assembly

the front panel of the internal heat exchanger.

Please contact us and we will help you find the equipment that you need.

see in addition  TA-AA-500-48-HF Thermoelectric cooling assembly for outdoor cabinet.

Aleksandr Koriakin

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