The Thermoelectric Assembly of HF-CHD (Crystal Ltd.) Innovative solution for climate control into outdoor cabinets


The today's infrastructure of the city has a large number of hubs of electronic and electrical networks located into outdoor cabinets and containers. Digital assistants in the form of information displays and kiosks for the sale of all kinds of goods help to create a comfortable human environment. Situation monitoring, traffic and visual systems in real time lets to save of the safety and promptly warn of a threat to health or life. Mostly, all this equipment generates a large amount of heat and requires active cooling in summer and additional heating in winter. Managing the climate inside outdoor cabinets and kiosks remains an important challenge today and will continue to be so in the future.

Crystal LTD has specially developed a new thermoelectric assembly TA-AA-500-24-HF-CHD of the HF-CHD series with a cooling capacity of about 0.5 kW, IP68 for cooling, heating and dehumidification of air inside outdoor cabinets.

Thermoelectric assembly

Denis Sinelyubov,
Head of the TEA design department of Crystal Ltd.

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