Benchtop environmental chamber        


The adjusted development program of Crystal. Ltd company is focused on the search and development of competencies in the fields of related thermal stabilization based on the Peltier effect. It is planned to combine and further develop the achievements of previous years in the development and prototyping of final products, which, in the opinion of our marketing department, have a high potential for launching into mass production in the near future. In one of these developments, we focused on the application of vast experience of temperature control using thermoelectric assemblies on Peltier heat pumps and the development of competencies in air humidity control. The final product in this direction is an acrylic chamber with controlled parameters of temperature, humidity, and illumination. At this stage, our R&D team realized the possibility of independently manufacturing acrylic glove boxes with additional insulation and casing. The first prototype has working space sizes W1065mm, H525mm, D725mm. The working volume of the chamber is 400 liters.

Benchtop environmental chamber

Thermoelectric assembly TA-AA-300-24 allows to cool the interior of the chamber by 13⁰С lower and heat up to 33⁰С higher than the ambient temperature.

Benchtop environmental chamber

Our new power supply and temperature controller BPU-CIP-300-24 is able to keep the temperature within 0.2⁰C and save power consumption in PID control mode.

Benchtop environmental chamber

Universal glovebox iris ports can be replaced for standard accordion sleeves and gloves compatible with gloveboxes.

Benchtop environmental chamber

The location of the 765x345 mm door ensures easy loading from the front. A continuous foam rubber gasket around the door perimeter and 5 tensioner locks, combined with excellent sealing of the thermoelectric assembly installation site, ensure reliable chamber tightness.

Benchtop environmental chamber

The presence of connectors and sockets for connecting to sources of AC and DC currents makes it possible to connect additional or tested equipment inside the chamber.

The expansion of the functionality of our benchtop environmental chambers and further development of competencies are planned to be supplemented in the near future with the following:

  • Humidification of the air inside the chamber by using an ultrasonic humidifier. Located outside the chamber. It's implements by the company's R&D department team.

  • One or two-stage dehumidification of the air inside the chamber, where our thermoelectric flow type dryer will work at the first stage. The second stage will be dehumidification by molecular Sieve Desiccant Dehumidification System. Located outside the chamber. It's implements by the company's R&D department team.

  • Control and management of humidification and dehumidification processes with a modified thermoelectric assembly control unit, which combines a power supply, a temperature controller (cooling / heating), a humidity controller (humidification / dehumidification), an optional light controller by timer and other extensions. Located outside the chamber. It's implements by the company's R&D department team.

  • Design of transparent elements made of acrylic according to the concept of a double-glazed window and significantly improved thermal insulation of opaque elements to significantly increase the thermal resistance of the chamber body in order to achieve cooling dT up to 25⁰С and heating dT up to 70⁰С using thermoelectric assemblies of our own production for this. It's implements by the company's R&D department team.

  • Placement of liquid baths inside the chamber with external placement of Thermoelectric Recirculating Liquid Chillers | Peltier for aqueous solution or coolers for viscous liquids (for example glycerin), TA-DA-250-24-PFH. Possibility is being explored by the R&D department team.

  • Placement inside the chamber of oscillating platforms with the cooling or heating surfaces by CFC-250-TE-AIC. Possibility is being explored by the R&D department team.

  • Thermal cycling testing of electronic components determines the ability of parts and solder interconnects to resist extremely high and low temperatures, as well as their ability to endure cyclical exposures to extreme temperatures. Use inside the chamber of additional units with modernized assemblies of Cascade Series or Stirling coolers. Possibility is being explored by the R&D department team.

  • Control of temperature, humidity and illumination parameters according to a timer programmable profile, hour / day / month / year. Possibility is being explored by the R&D department team.


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